Hydraulic Device

Variable volume pump Nachi Fujikoshi Co.
Variable piston pump Nachi Fujikoshi Co.
UVN series Uni-pump Nachi Fujikoshi Co.
VDC Series Uni-pump Nachi Fujikoshi Co.
Trochoid® Pump Model 1A Nihon Oil Pump Co Ltd
Procon Pump Nihon Oil Pump Co Ltd
Trochoid Pump 2MY-2HBM Nihon Oil Pump Co Ltd
ORB-G Oil Pump Nihon Oil Pump Co Ltd
Super Unit Daikin Industries
Eco-rich Hydrulic Unit Daikin Industries
V Series Piston Pump Daikin Industries
M Series Motor Pump Daikin Industries
Gear Pump Daikin Industries
Vane Pump Daikin Industries
Pressure Control Valve Daikin Industries
Proportional valve Daikin Industries
Servo Valve Daikin Industries
Cooling system Daikin Industries
Hydrulic Pump Riken.kiki Co Ltd
Hydrulic Pump MP-4B Riken.kiki Co Ltd
Electro-magnetic valve Riken.kiki Co Ltd
Single-acting cylinder Riken.kiki Co Ltd
Water-cooled oil cooler Riken.kiki Co Ltd
Relief valve (balance type) Nachi Fujikoshi Co.
SS・SA Hydrulic Valve Nachi Fujikoshi Co.
power amplifier series Nachi Fujikoshi Co.
Relief valve Nachi Fujikoshi Co.
hydraulic cylinder 35Z-1 TAIYO Ltd.
Hydraulic Cylinder 100S-1 TAIYO Ltd.
Hydraulic Cylinder 35RP2 TAIYO Ltd.
Tie-rod cylinder T Series Horiuchi Machinery Co Ltd
Compact Cylinder C Series Horiuchi Machinery Co Ltd
Linemate® Hose LF70 Nitta Corporation
Hose adapter Nitta Corporation
High Pressure Hose IBG Tokai Rubber Industries
High Pressure Hose SIB Tokai Rubber Industries
One-touch coupler Arhan-Yoshida
H series VH type (valve) Arhan-Yoshida
Hydraulic Cylinder CHQ SMC Corporation

  • Nachi Fujikoshi Corporation
  • Nihon Oil Pump Co Ltd
  • Daikin Industries
  • Riken.kiki Co Ltd
  • TAIYO Ltd.
  • Horiuchi Machinery Co Ltd
  • Nitta Corporation
  • Sumitomo Riko Co. Ltd.
  • Tokai Rubber Industries Ltd.
  • Arhan-Yoshida
  • SMC Corporation
Product Name

  • NSP Power Unit with Variable Volume Pump
  • PVS Series Piston Pump
  • VDC Series Piston Pump
  • UVN Series Uni Pump
  • SS/ SA Wet Type Solenoid Valve
  • Electric-Hyd Proportional Flow & Direction Control Valve
  • Trochoid® Pump - Model 1A
  • Trochoid® Pump - Model 2
  • Procon Pump
  • ORBMARK® Motors
  • Super Unit
  • Eco-rich Hydrulic Unit
  • V Series Piston Pump
  • M Series Motor Pump
  • Gear Pump
  • Vane Pump
  • Pressure Control Valve
  • Proportional valve
  • Servo Valve
  • Cooling equipment and system
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Hydraulic Pump MP-4B
  • Single Acting Cylinder MC/ MS Series
  • Water Cooled Oil Cooler
  • Proportional Pilot Relief Valve
  • 3.5 MPa Compact Hydraulic Cylinder 35S-1
  • 10.16 MPa Compact Hydraulic Cylinder 100S-1
  • Round Body Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Position Detecting Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Rod Type Cylinder - K / FS / FF Series
  • Compact Type Cylinder - C Series
  • Miniature Cylinder - MINI Series
  • Rotary Cylinder - B Series
  • Cylinder with Sensor - ENF Series
  • Linemate® Hydraulic Hose
  • Tubing & Fittings
  • Hydraulic Hose
  • Rubber Hose
  • Anti-Vibration Rubber for Railways
  • Seismic Isolation Rubber Bearing
  • High-pressure Hose IBG Series
  • High-pressure Hose SIB Series
  • test
  • test
  • Compact Hydraulic Cylinder CHQ/CHDQ