Japanese Machatronics Products Sourcing Services for all Industries!

Arhan Japan Kabushiki Kaisha was founded in 2008 to provide industries Japanese Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Pumps, Tools, Fixture, Clamping Solutions, Machine Peripherals products. We are dedicated to providing our customers with unbeatable services and the most competitive pricing on Parts, Accessories and Spares.

Our knowledgeable sales staff ensures every customer who partners with Arhan Japan will receive the highest quality work and On-Time delivery.

Arhan Japan is first of its own wide Japanese engineering products Sourcing and Distribution Company for our Global Customers. We maintain excellent partnerships with many Japanese engineering products, equipments manufacturers as well as their top Japanese distributors in Japan, ensuring our customers always receive the highest quality, original Japanese products for their needs.

We source products from the manufacturer suggested by our customers or their equivalents suggested by other manufacturers to meet best price and delivery requirements! This gives a wide range of Solutions and alternatives to our Customers.

Arhan Japan is Sourcing Specialist of Japanese engineering products and proud to supply a wide range of engineering, mechatronics products than other supply houses. Be sure to check out our full product range and manufacturer list that we can serve these products.

No matter what your needs or interests Arhan Japan is the best choice for your purchases of Japanese engineering products, machine peripherals. Our experience, earliest possible deliveries through maintaining stock at our various associated partners makes Arhan Japan the best choice for your company when you would like to purchase any Japanese Engineering Product.

We Offer Various Advantages to Our Customers
  • Single Window Solution! Various leading brands under one roof
  • Arhan Japan is supported by Japan’s top Manufacturers and Leading Distributors
  • 100% Assurance of Original Japanese products
  • Guaranteed cost reduction through Direct imports from Japan
  • Single import process of various products reduces your import/ clearance costs drastically
  • Quick Deliveries & Local service support
  • We identify your correct needs to replace old parts, changed models through direct consultation with manufacturers